Is 50 days a long time for a house to be on the market?

Location plays an important role in determining if days on the market will affect the sale price of a home. Houses tend to move faster in some cities than in others. When you look at online home listings, they usually have a part of the ad that shows how long the house has been on the market. After 90 days, most cash home buyers in Marietta, Georgia consider the property to be obsolete. Why? Many buyers see that they spend more time in the market and assume that there is something incredibly wrong with the house.

After all, it's human not to like something other people don't like. Many homebuyers see more time in the market and assume that other buyers who saw the property and weren't interested know something they don't know, and they simply ignore the house completely. However, most realtors will tell you that the house is less likely to have major problems or the house of a serial killer and more likely to have to do with the economy or house prices. Here are some of the main reasons why a house has become obsolete.

They will be able to tell you what is going on with the house. Most MLS systems will show if a property was pending (an offer was made on the home) and why buyers withdrew from the sale. A common practice among real estate agents is to remove an advertisement from the MLS after a certain number of days and re-include it as a newly listed home. There may have been a price reduction, so the agent will feel justified in informing you only of the days on the market at the new price.

In cities where houses usually take less than 50 days to sell, days at the market don't matter as much. Often these stay on the market for months, simply because home sellers can't have time to show the house because they're working. The obvious option is to simply take your house off the market and wait a period of time before trying to sell it again. If a home stays on the market for months, the seller may have difficulty getting the house ready for display or making sure its schedule is clear.

Remodeling Magazine reported that the average reimbursement for 22 common professional remodeling projects in 150 large United States. On the other hand, smaller local lenders tend to have shorter closing times because they tend to be more agile and more adept at navigating the peculiarities of their local market. Three of those ads were on the market for five days, one was on the market for 21 days, and two were on sale for 30 days before the offers were accepted. Many realtors use a tactic called re-listing to make homes with higher market days appear more attractive to buyers.

Agents go back on sale to show zero days on the market because they know that buyers are leaning toward new ads. It has been demonstrated that spending time and money on major improvements does not produce a greater return on the final sales price. By using a platform like Simple Sale, you can answer a few questions about your home and get a cash offer on your house in as little as 48 hours. Because buyers are looking for new listings in the MLS in the hope of getting a great property in a market with limited inventory, your home may need fewer visits or may take place over a weekend or just a few days.

You're ready to move to a new property and therefore you need to sell your house quickly in today's market.

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